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Seed Library

Mission: Empower local seed savers, seed literacy, and enrich our library experience

Visit and borrow seeds from our seed library at the Collingwood Public Library.
Although small, the Collingwood Community Seed Library  was established  in the summer 2013.  The proceeds from the April 26 2014 fundraiser have allowed is to make our first order of organic heirloom seeds.  The Community Seed Library allows any member of the community to access organic heirloom seeds, educational material, participate in workshops, enjoy the process of growing food & receive the health benefits of eating clean local food. One seed has the ability to provide so much! There are also Community Seed Libraries in Meaford & Orillia.  We hope as the interest in seed libraries grows that multiple communities can collaborate efforts & share resources.  Our actions on a local level will have a global impact.
We hope everyone enjoyed the film Revolution. In response to a number of folks who have asked about additional screenings, we have the ability to and are planning to screen this film for future community events. Please get in touch with us to inquire further.

Please visit our community sponsors who have generously contributed toward this benefit's success:

Seed Libraries now established in: