Building Healthy Resilient Communities in Collingwood and Beaver Valley
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Second Harvests

We are currently visioning an open forum of local volunteers and beneficieries in order to make this a reality. Harvest proceeds will be shared between all beneficiaries. Let us know your interest or refer us to volunteers or community group in need.
The Need:
Big tomato crop?
Swimming in apples?
Want to pick, cook, preserve, and feed healthy abundance back to the community?
Collectively prepare, preserve, or cook our abundance.
Join us!
On October 31st, Collingwood Collegiate students and a crew of community trick-or-eaters went door-to-door to collect non-perishable goods for the Salvation Army Food Bank.
Potential partnership with a community cider press.
  • Collingwood Collegiate Institute - Youth for Action and Green Team
  • Jean Vanier Catholic High School
  • Salvation Army Food Bank
  • Church community suppers?
  • Corporate sponsors or team building event?
  • Ivan Chan
  • Shan